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The first sustainable sneakers made with tennis balls, coffee and recycled tire. You can choose between two innovative soles, made from coffee or made from tennis balls.

They want to create people conscious of what you wear and realize what is behind each tag. Be aware of what you have in your closet. Make it fit your principles and ideals.

They are aware that the resources of this planet are finite, and we must use them consistently and responsibly. They pay great attention to the materials they use, they look at every step of their production chain in detail so that it has the least possible impact trying to contaminate as little as possible on the way.

They dream that, by putting on a pair of sneakers knowing that you are helping to clean the oceans of plastic; you will feel as comfortable or better than when you put on ones on which you pay for the advertising that has sold them to you.

They believe that it is possible to be sustainable, generate a positive social impact and be profitable at the same time.