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Featured people, businesses and organisations

Innovative thinking and passion are key to achieving the great results that we want to achieve through Loving My Planet.

The site content is going to include a lot of great information, including news and directories to help find planet-loving business and products.

For the launch, we are featuring some of the people, businesses and organisations that have caught our eye.
The Loving My Planet team will be carrying out our own initial assessments on businesses, products and organisations

More importantly, will be seeking advice and feedback from experts and people engaging with them as customers and supporters. We know that being ‘environmentally-friendly’ can be a real challenge and it’s a very subjective, sometimes contentious area, so getting feedback is essential. But to start off, here are a few for planet-lovers to consider. Have a look at their websites and tell us what you think.

Tru Earth – eco-friendly laundry detergents
The Loving My Planet team discovered Tru Earth a while ago and have been buying and using their products.

We like the plastic-free packaging, the approach to solving concerns about chemicals and the focus on transportation pollution. And all of us that have used Tru Earth products have been very satisfied with the washing results.

World Land Trust – safeguarding millions of acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats

Loving My Planet has been purposely seeking examples of habitat conservation efforts

With World Land Trust, a couple of things made us select them for our launch feature. Firstly, there are the statistics – founded more than 30 years ago and instrumental in the purchase and protection of more than 2,222,247 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats, with more than four million acres of land managed under active protection worldwide. And secondly? Well, we have to confess we were swayed by the patronage of WLT by Sir David Attenborough – a true and legendary planet-lover.

Sion – a solar powered, practical and affordable car from Sono Motors

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular

Factors that will influence popularity include very practical aspects, such as price, range, ease of charging – and sustainable charging.

Sono motors, a German based business has been developing a spacious electric car with a range of up to 255 kilometres that charges itself through the power of the sun, which they are saying can be bought for 25,500 Euros. Preorders can be made for a 500 Euros deposit and they are aiming for deliveries in 2023.

The Precious Plastic Community – plastic recycling from start to finish that is local community and entrepreneurially driven

The Loving My Planet team were pleased to discover the potential of the Precious Plastic initiative.

Here’s how they describe it – “We have created machines, documentation, video tutorials, campaigns and a platform to empower people across the planet to start working with plastic waste locally while trying to decentralise and localise plastic recycling technologies, infrastructures and knowledge by providing open-source designs for machines, moulds and consumer products, as well as business models and tools for you to set up and run a recycling workspace. We share everything open source for anyone to use and benefit from. This means that all the knowledge, know-how, processes, methodologies and tools are available online, for free at all times. This open source philosophy is at the core of Precious Plastic and shapes most decisions within our team. We believe that collaboration is stronger than competition and that the plastic problem can only be solved collectively.”

Roy Dennis – a passionate and determined conservationist achieving success in ecological restoration

Roy started his wonderful mission back in the 1960s and today, at 80 years young, he is going stronger than ever.

The efforts he has made have helped to protect and reintroduce multiple vulnerable species, including white-tailed eagles, ospreys and red squirrels. His love of wildlife and understanding how to very successfully boost the numbers of beautiful animals is an inspiring story. Check out his work on the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation website.

Will’s Vegan Store – a fashion business working tirelessly to tick all the ethical boxes

Founded by Will Green in 2012, Will’s Vegan Store works very hard to show that fashion – a sector so often hitting the news for the wrong reasons can be highly ethical.

Its environmental and ethical policies will be welcomed by planet lovers for several reasons, including sustainability, low carbon impact, and of course, as the name demonstrates, its vegan principles. As a fashion company,  it is of course also essential that people like the style and wearability of the products too – and from what we have seen, they have a lot of admiring, loyal customers.

Vortex Bladeless – a new wind power product that is really getting attention

As their name indicates, Vortex Bladeless are pioneering a new type of wind energy system that works without the use of the huge blades we are all so familiar with

That’s certainly a big bonus for all the people that care about the welfare of birds – but it doesn’t stop there. The oscillation principle of the Vortex cylinders appears to be efficient in a number of ways, from energy production, to where they can be sited. There is an impressive list of strategic partners investing time, money and knowledge into the project – which has also caught the imagination of the public, who have nicknamed it the ‘Skybrator’.

IWGIA – dedicated to defending and supporting indigenous peoples

Since 1968, IWGIA has cooperated with indigenous organisations and international institutions to promote recognition and implementation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

IWGIA works to empower Indigenous Peoples through documentation, capacity development and advocacy on local, regional and international level.

KwikChex has already been supporting the organisation and Loving My Planet will be doing even more to promote their vital work.  We believe that the culture of the world’s indigenous peoples and their traditional relationship with the environment should be treasured and they should enjoy the greatest possible support.

The Orangutan Project – working to save beautiful creatures and their amazing environment

They are a great example of how love for wildlife and the environment and impassioned kindness helps in absolutely practical terms.

For transparency, The Orangutan Project is an organisation personally supported by KwikChex and Loving My Planet founder Chris Emmins, who regards the work they do in rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orangutans as remarkable and inspiring. They are a great example of how love for wildlife and the environment and impassioned kindness helps in absolutely practical terms. You can read about what they are doing and discover how to help support their efforts on their website.

If you know of a great business, organisation or people, or are a business with outstanding, planet loving ideas, products and initiatives, get in touch with Loving My Planet. We are looking for examples of all kinds from all over the world.