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International Wolf Day

August 13, 2021


Many people around the world love and respect the wolves as very beautiful and wonderful creatures in our world. They value their lessons that they have to teach us and some view them as very spiritual beings. At the same time many other people do not understand the wolves and because of this they fear and have a hatred for them. They set out to kill and eradicate the wolves from their natural homes in the wild.

Because of this misunderstanding wolves have or are about to become very endangered in many areas of the world. Wolves are very crucial to the environment because they tend to stabilize an ecosystem by their influence as an Apex predator. Without wolves, ungulates will become overpopulated, cause destruction to many trees that they eat and thereby effect many other creatures that depend on them also causing a downward spiral. Many ungulates will also die of starvation then.

Therefore due to the importance of wolves in the world, all the misconceptions and the fact that in the U.S the wolf hunts will begin in September of this year, it has become of great necessity to set aside a special day of recognition and education to ensure that the persecution of wolves is stopped. This day will go forward on an annual basis as the International Wolf Day. August 13th was chosen for the very special reason that it is the day of the full moon.


August 13, 2021
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