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Amazon Day

September 5, 2021


The Amazon rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on our planet that thousands of mammals, insects, birds, and fish call home. The Amazon is also a massive carbon sink, holding 90-140 billion tons of carbon total. By sequestering carbon, the Amazon helps stabilize both local and global climate. Destruction of the Amazon will greatly increase atmospheric carbon and leave many species without a home.

The Amazon is not just a home for wildlife! Over 34 million people also live in the Amazon and rely on its resources for survival. The decline of the Amazon also means the loss of indigenous territories that have been established for over 11,000 years. It is imperative that the rights of the Amazonian people and their land are protected.

Amazon Day is commemorated most of all in Brazil with special celebrations. The date was established in 1850 to mark the creation of the Province of Amazonas; later to give rise to the present-day State of Amazonas.


September 5, 2021
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